Sunday, 24 February 2013

FK Lighplanes - Hansen Air Group - Renegade Light Sport

The following news update has recently been posted by the Hansen Air Group relating to the joint project to install the new Lycoming AEIO-233 engine into the FK-12 Comet over in the USA.

""We regret to inform you that FK Light Planes and Hansen Air Group have decided to terminate our business relationship with Renegade light Sport. They were contracted to design an engine mount and install Lycoming O-233 engines in the FK 12 Comet. The FK factory has determined that a factory designed engine mount and installation will better suit the needs of the customers. FK has several decades of aircraft design and manufacturing experience including more than tens years with the Comet alone. We believe that they will quickly produce a superior design. Standby for further updates.""

Readers of this FK-12 Comet Blog will recall that two new build FK-12 Comets ( c/n 102 and 103 ) arrived with Hansen in the USA in Jan 2012. 

Let's hope the new Lycoming engine gets airborne in an FK-12 Comet soon.


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