Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Fatal Comet accident - 22nd May 2015

Sad news - FK-12 Comet D-MYHS crashed on 22nd May 2015 killing the pilot. The accident happened near the airport of Hauts-de-Chée in Condé-en-Barrois, Dept 55, France. The aircraft c/n 035 was built in 2000 and crashed into a farmers field.

The local L'Est Republicain news reported the following - Translation via Google Translate

""As part of the investigation following the crash of an ultralight aircraft that occurred Friday afternoon near the airport of Hauts-de-Chée in Condé-en-Barrois, gendarmerie appealed to witnesses . Anyone who can provide useful information to the investigation is asked to contact the brigade of Bar-le-Duc.

In all likelihood, the accident in which the 70-year Alsatian driver lost his life occurred Friday between 15 am and 16 pm.

It is a villager who about 17 ha made the sad discovery. Going for a ride in his field, as she saw a bunch of junk making proved to be the ULM. She promptly told the town hall. Firemen and gendarmes then went on site.""

Condolences to the family and friends of the pilot.


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