Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Comet #100 - Something Special

Back in March 1997 the very first FK-12 Comet D-MPLI took to the air for the first flight of this new design.  Now FK Lightplanes can celebrate the delivery of Comet #100.

Comet #100 and #101 have been sold to France and they are unlike any previous Comet !

Comet #100

These two FK-12 Comets are operated by Les Ailes de Pegase Experience from the airfield at Saint Estephe, just north of Pauillac ( which is just north of Bordeaux ).  Both aircraft were delivered in a basic white colour scheme but have now been repainted grey with sharksmouths under the engine cowling. Grey Sharks - Fierce Comets !

Ailes de Pegase offer FK-12 Air Combat Experience - both aircraft air fitted with laser guns and smoke systems. This is your chance to try aerial combat over the skies above the Gironde. Shoot well and the laser will trigger the release of smoke from the "enemy" Comet. The range of the laser is approx 200m.

Comet #101

The company has several ex military fast jet pilots who will fly with you to teach you the skills of close formation flying and aerial dog-fighting - it sounds great fun !

I'd like to thank Laurent Pons for this very interesting Comet news.

More details about Ailes de Pegase can be found on their website link below

Link to Ailes de Pegase website


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