Sunday, 15 September 2013

D-MDMC - Comet at Strausberg

FK-12 Comet D-MDMC was built in 2011 and was exhibited by FK Lightplanes on their trade exhibition stand at Aero 2011 held in Friedrichshafen as an unregistered complete aircraft.

I recently received an update about this Comet from Bernd D - he bought the aircraft in January 2013 and operates from the airfield at Strausberg ( EDAY ) which is approximately 35km to the East of Berlin. The Comet has now flown approx 70 flight hours.

The photo above shows Comet D-MDMC over Berlin - you can see the former Templehof airfield in the distance - Thanks to Bernd.

Link to the Strausberg ( EDAY ) airfield website


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