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FK-12 Comet Production List

This is a very simple listing and shows Construction Number / Werknummer, ID, Registration, Country, Notes per aircraft - tie ups for 90 individual Comet aircraft from approx 115 aircraft built to date

If you can help with additions, corrections or comments then please email me via

This information data table is Copyright Steven May

1 ID1 REG D-MPLI Country - Germany - Notes at Cranfield UK 1998
1 ID2 REG F????    Country - France - registration please ?

2 ID1 REG D-MVML Country - Germany - Notes yellow with blue nose - JABIRU 3300 engine
3 help - believed to be a kit - more details please
4 ID1 REG D-MOJE Country - Germany - Notes blue/yellow USAAC c/s - flown over 1,000 flight hours
5 ID1 REG D-MSLP Country - Germany - Notes built 1998 yellow/blue "12" ; based Saarbruecken
6 ID1 REG D-MRAW Country - Germany - Notes destroyed accident 2003

7 ID1 REG D-MSUF Country - Germany - Notes built 1998
7 ID2 REG 57-ADB Country - France - registered 2005 radio callsign F-JGCO
7 ID3 REG D-MHPM Country - Germany - registered in 2007 yellow/blue c/s marked "7"

8 ID1 REG D-MRDM Country - Germany - Notes yellow/blue "12"
8 ID2 REG 17-RB Country - France - Notes new registration 2008, yellow/blue, radio callsign F-JXRK - named "Angel's Spirit" - flown approx 350 hours by 5.08
8 ID3 REG ???? - sold to new owner near Paris, France

9 ID1 REG D-MRKL Country - Germany - Notes yellow "12" ; based Saarlouis-Duren

c/n 9 registered in Germany as D-MRKL

c/n 9 registered in France as 57-AUT  radio callsign F-JWXP

9 ID2 REG 57-AUT Country - France - Notes registered 2009 radio callsign F-JWXP yellow "9" based Metz, France

10 ID1 REG D-MYLG Country - Germany - Notes yellow with blue line
10 ID2 REG D-MYTB Country - Germany - Notes yellow with blue line, seen 2017

11 help

12 ID1 REG 31-DE Country - France - Notes F-JIDE blue/yellow Kit first flew 10.2001
12 ID2 REG 77-APO Country - France

13 help
14 ID1 REG D-MWEW Country - Germany - Notes yellow/blue "12"
15 ID1 REG D-MSLO Country - Germany - Notes built 1998

16 ID1 REG D-MNHL Country - Germany - Notes yellow & white & Tiger stripes
16 ID2 REG ZU-EDV Country - South Africa - Notes seen 5.06 yellow & white & Tiger stripes
16 ID3 REG SE-VLJ Country - Sweden - Notes seen 6.07 yellow & white & Tiger stripes

17 ID1 REG D-MYVO Country - Germany - Notes yellow/blue "12" "Big Beautiful Doll" based in Italy
17 ID2 REG 83-AKM Country - France - Notes yellow/blue "12" "Big Beautiful Doll" based in southern France

18 ID1 REG D-MIRK Country - Germany - Notes Kit built f/f 2006 ; yellow/white "12"  ; new owner 2010 based Gunching

19 ID1 REG D-MOUT Country - Germany - Notes built 1999 white/black ; white/metallic green by 2007 ; Destroyed Fatal Accident 3.5.08

20 ID1 REG D-MPHM Country - Germany - Notes built 1999 yellow/blue "12"
20 ID2 REG OO-F67 Country - Belgium - Notes registered 10.07, yellow/blue "12" seen Hannut Belgium 6.08 - repainted yellow/white/black early 2012. Destroyed Fatal Accident 29.8.13

21 ID1 REG D-MTOT Country - Germany - Notes built 1999 yellow and black
21 ID2 REG D-MSLK Country - Germany - Notes registered 10.02 yellow with Bucker-Switzerland design

22 ID1 REG D-MUED Country - Germany - Notes built 1999 - yellow/blue "12"
22 ID2 REG 56-LV Country - France - Notes Reg 2007 - yellow/blue "12" callsign F-JXQR
22 ID3 REG 71-LP Country - France  - by 2014 

23 ID1 REG D-MTBB Country - Germany - Notes yellow/blue "12" ; Seen in Sao Jose, Brazil 11.07
24 ID1 REG D-MOND Country - Germany - Notes red/white
25 ID1 REG D-MPAO Country - Germany - Notes yellow with twin blue stripe
26 ID1 REG D-MNHW Country - Germany

27 ID1 REG D-MTLW Country - Germany - Notes yellow/blue seen Stadtscanal, Holland
27 ID2 REG 67-AAT Country - France - Notes yellow/blue callsign F-JZPE

28 help ?

29 ID1 REG D-MSSS Country - Germany - Notes white/grey/red
30 ID1 REG D-MPHK Country - Germany - Notes was yellow/blue but yellow/maroon "12" by 2006
31 ID1 REG D-MOBS Country - Germany - Notes all red old USAAC c/s "F-7" - JABIRU 3300 engine
32 ID1 REG D-MORE Country - Germany - Notes yellow/maroon "12"
33 ID1 REG D-MTBT Country - Germany - Notes yellow/blue with "Comet" and yellow stars on cowling

34 ID1 REG 59-CEJ Country - France - Notes F-JFKR built 2000 yellow with green stars
34 ID2 REG 85-YJ Country - France - Notes re-registered in 2008 - still c/s F-JFKR
34 ID3 REG 40-KD Country - France - Notes based Biscarrosse

35 ID1 REG D-MYHS Country - Germany - Fatal Accident May 2015 in France

36 ID1 REG D-MOXL Country - Germany - Notes white/blue ; yellow/blue by 2007
37 ID1 REG D-EZWO Country - Germany - built from kit - notes - powered by Wankel rotary engine - MTOW 520 Kg - based Mainz-Finthen
38 ID1 REG D-MSAH Country - Germany - Notes skyblue/yellow
39 ID1 REG 974-FQ Country - France - Reunion Island - Notes yellow - Destroyed, ditched into sea
40 ID2 REG D-MWWE Country - Germany - blue/silver / yellow with black/white checks, named "Sally"

41 ID1 REG D-MSPI Country - Germany - Notes built 2001, red/white named "Mortitz 2"
41 ID2 REG OO-F77 Country - Belgium - Notes registered 2.08 based Bullingen named "Bijlenair"

42 ID1 REG D-MQAX - yellow/blue Destroyed 14.8.2008

43 ID1 REG D-MOVE Country - Germany - Notes built 2001 yellow - sold to France in 2010
43 ID2 REG 60-RJ  Country - France - Notes yellow named "Destination Beer"

44 ID1 REG 31-FS Country - France - Notes F-JIFS yellow with brown stars
44 ID2 REG 45-YP Country - France seen 2017

45 ID1 REG D-MTAP Country - Germany - Notes yellow/blue with "12" in a circle
46 ID1 REG D-MXAD Country - Germany - Notes yellow/blue - was based in Italy, then to France - Destroyed
47 ID1 REG D-MZMM Country - Germany - Notes built 2001 yellow/blue

48 ID1 REG D-MRJD Country - Germany - Notes white/red
48 ID2 REG 86-IA Country - France white/red also marked "48"radio callsign F-JRBC

49 ID1 REG 974-GJ Country - France - Reunion Island - Notes yellow with blue c/s radio callsign F-JMBS
49 ID2 REG 974-GJ Country - France - Returned to France 2012 callsign F-JMBS now yellow with white c/s

50 ID1 REG D-MIFK Country - Germany - Notes yellow "50" at Cranfield UK 2002
50 ID2 REG 17-ACC Country - France - from 2018 callsign F-JCVO  - photo below

51 ID1 REG 54-US Country - France - Notes yellow at Cranfield UK 2002
51 ID2 REG F-JGDX Country - France - Notes yellow based Luxembourg 2004

 c/n 51 F-JGDX at Blois in 2005

52 ID1 REG D-MCVW Country - Germany - Notes yellow/blue

53 ID1 REG HA-YFKC Country - Hungary - Notes first registered June 2002, yellow/blue "12"
53 ID2 REG I-A363 Country - Italy - yellow/blue now has a "kangaroo" on tail
53 ID3 REG 67-BUJ Country -France -  yellow/blue with "kangaroo" on tail - F-JTKJ - see photo below from April 2018

54 ID1 REG D-MKWB Country - Germany - Notes was red/white - yellow/white by 2007

55 ID1 REG D-MARS Country - Germany - Notes yellow/blue based Austria
55 ID2 REG Z3-UA-005   Country - Macedonia - new "civilisation" yellow/black colour scheme 2016

56 ID1 REG D-MUZZ Country - Germany - Notes white/red first flown 2009 - JABIRU 3300 engine - sold 2011
56 ID2 REG

57 ID1 REG 17-FK Country - France - Notes was based at Oleron, France ; seen at Hannut Belgium 6.08
57 ID2 REG OO-G12 Country - Belgium - registered 9.08 based at Hannut Belgium, yellow - Fatal Accident October 2015

58 ID1 REG 31-BU Country - France - Notes F-JIBU yellow/blue stars based Muret 2004 - Destroyed

59 ID1 REG 59-CHP Country - France - Notes red/white but believed based at Baisy-Thy in Belgium, seen 6.08
59 ID2 REG OO-G20 Country - Belgium - registered 12.08 based at Wevelgem EBKT

60 ID1 REG D-MFKD Country - Germany - Notes was all yellow "60" ; white/yellow with " trailing comet" motif from 2011

61 ID1 REG SP-YOA Country - Poland - Notes red has operated on floats !
61 ID2 REG D-MSWH Country - Germany - bought in 2009 - sold 2012
61 ID3 REG SP-SLRM Country - Poland - red/white
61 ID4 REG 83-CAU Country - France 2018 - red/white

c/n 61 SP-SLRM in Poland

62 ID1 REG D-MGFK Country - Germany - Notes yellow/blue/grey with stars on nose
63 ID1 REG D-MITE Country - Germany - Notes yellow/white - Destroyed 2004
64 ID1 REG N5102J Country - USA - Notes registered September 2006 based Florida

65 ID1 REG SP-YKF Country - Poland - Notes built at CSLT Krosno in 2006 - yellow/blue
65 ID2 REG OK-LUA-42 Country Czech Rep - registered May 2006 - Destroyed Fatal accident at Bydgoszcz, Poland 26.8.06

66 ID1 REG I-8234 - Country - Italy - Notes blue with "Comet" on side and three white stripes

67 ID1 REG D-MLWM Country - Germany - Notes yellow/green used for banner towing - sold 2012
67 ID2 REG 68-ABV Country - France - Notes yellow/green/white based Alsace region c/s F-JTOO

68 help REG ????? Country - France - Notes possibly all yellow - Destroyed

69 ID1 REG D-MLGI Country - Germany - Notes orange/white/grey based Spain 2007
69 ID2 REG 59-DJK Country - France - Notes orange/white/grey  - "69" callsign F-JUYO
70 ID1 REG D-MEJH Country - Germany - Notes yellow with orange stripe ; has Rotax 912S 100hp engine - used for banner towing and smoke system ; based Worms airfield ; named "Comet Angel" by 7.10
71 help
72 ID1 REG D-MOKU Country - Germany - Notes yellow based in Austria
73 ID1 REG D-MVES Country - Germany - Notes believed based in Italy
74 ID1 REG 54-AEQ Country - France - Notes F-JZKB yellow upper white lower - Destroyed 2010
75 ID1 REG 45-YI Country - France - Notes yellow with grey/blue lines - c/s F-JYAD
76 ID1 REG 974-KX Country France Reunion Island - Notes F-JMEA orange and white with "" titles
77 ID1 REG D-MKKJ Country - Germany - Notes yellow/white marked "77" - based in Austria
78 help
79 ID1 REG 05-JW Country - France - Notes yellow marked "79" - Destroyed
80 help
81 ID1 REG D-MANB - Country Germany - yellow/grey/blue
82 ID1 REG HB-......... Country - Switzerland - Notes Kit aircraft under construction

83 ID1 REG D-MVCW(1) Country - Germany - Notes white/yellow/blue, displayed at Aero 2009 at Friedrichshafen ; sold to France summer 2010
83 ID2 REG 11-IJ  Country - France from summer 2010 - Destroyed fatal accident at Nogaro in 2017

84 ID1 REG OH-U601 Country - Finland - Notes white/yellow delivered 6.09
85 ID1 REG I-A329 Country - Italy - Notes "Comet Race" scheme as "96" white/yellow delivered 7.10
86 ID1 REG T7-MGB Country San Marino - Orange/blue code "64"

87 ID1 REG F-JFAL Country - France - Notes 1st "Special Edition Comet" - false registration for rollout and marketing only?
87 ID2 REG 57-AXT Country - France - radio callsign F-JRLQ - test flying 2010
87 ID3 REG PH-4P5 Country - Netherlands - registered 9.16

88 ID1 REG D-MXIL  Country - Germany - white/blue/yellow
89 ID1 REG D-MYGS Country - Germany - Special Edition Comet #2
90 help

91 ID1 - REG D-MLEC - Country - Portugal - delivered 9.10- yellow/white "91"
92 ID1 - REG D-MVCW(2) Country - Germany - delivered 8.10 - white/yellow/blue
93 ID1 - REG F-JSKR - Country - France - Special Edition Comet #3 - delivered March 2011
94 ID1 - REG N452JH - Country - USA - delivered 1.11 - white/yellow/grey "64"

95 ID1 - REG D-MNAZ - Country - Germany - delivered 6.11 - white/red "95"
95 ID2 - REG 67-BQI - Country - France - white/red "95" seen 5.14 ; Destroyed by fire after take off accident 6.14

96 ID1 - REG D-MDMC - Country - Germany - orange/white/black exhibited at Aero 2011
97 - to France
98 ID1 - REG D-MFKJ - Country - Germany - yellow/white/black exhibited at Aero 2012
99 ID1- REG 974-MR - Country - France - Isles Reunion - yellow/white/black c/s F-JTJL
100 ID1 - REG 33-AJG - to France for Les Ailes de Pegase based at Saint Estephe near Bordeaux
101 ID1 - REG 33-AJH - to France for Les Ailes de Pegase based at Saint Estephe near Bordeaux
102 ID1 REG N647RL- Country - USA - shipped to US in Jan 2012 - Lycoming IO-233 LSA engine
103 - USA - shipped Jan 2012
105 ID1 - REG D-MXZZ - Country - Germany - Monster titles with UL Power engine

107 ID1 REG I-B551 Country - Italy - Note first Comet with new rotax 912iS engine - exhibited at Friedrichshafen Aero 2013 - sold to France 2015
107 ID2 REG 08-OC - France - red/white/black side code "21"

 Comet #107 in flight 

108 ID1 REG - 31-WM - Country - France - white / red colours with side code "108" 
111 ID1 - Country - Germany
112 ID1 - REG 16-TL - Country - France - white/blue/red based in Belgium 2015-2017 c/s F-JVSG
113 ID1 - REG D-MPIZ - Country - Germany - new 2017
114 ID1 - Country - France

In addition to the above details I know that the following registrations that have been carried as FK-12 Comets but I do not have construction number ( MSN ) tie ups - can you help please ?

D-MPOA - One photo on web shows Comet D-MPOA - the colour scheme appears identical to Comet #025 D-MPAO  - mis-paint or first registration prior to becoming MPAO ?

28-BI - French built in 1997/98

71-LP - c/s F-JXQR

71-OK - c/s F-JSZA

73-KD - see photo at Link B above top left

77-ALK - French sky blue aircraft seen at Coulommiers-Voisins

25-UA - French current 2008 c/n ?? - seen Belgium 9.08 sky blue colour - c/s F-JZMU

29-JH - French all yellow seen Quiberon 5.07

If you can offer any help with additional information, amends or corrections then please let me know via

bea_steve "at"

Thank You

Steven May

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

From Austria to the very top of Norway by FK-12 Comet

I was very pleased to hear from Hannes about his recent Comet adventure, flying D-MOKU from his home airfield of Zell am See in Austria to Nordkapp right at the very North of Norway - a fantastic eight day trip in a FK-12 Comet.

The web link below will take you to a selection of 37 tour photos and also a copy of the flying log for this grand adventure - enjoy 


Thursday, 18 April 2019

Aero 2019 - Friedrichshafen

B&F Technik exhibited a new FK-12 Comet at the Aero 2019 trade show in April 2019 - the yellow and white Comet featured a Lycoming engine - this is the first Lycoming powered version I know of in Europe ( a couple of Lycoming powered examples operate in the USA ).

Monday, 2 October 2017

FK-12 Comet D-MYTB

Seen at Gelnhausen, Germany in summer 2017 was a yellow and blue Comet registered as D-MYTB - this is a "new" registration for this FK-12 Comet blog.

Looking at the photo of D-MYTB it appears this aircraft appears is very similar to Comet D-MYLG ( Werk 010 )  - I understand it was re-registered during 2017.

Thanks to Alan and Robert for this update.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Comet Duo

Many thanks to Henk Wadman for the following excellent shots of two Comets operating as a display pair together with smoke systems - D-MSLK ( s/n 021 ) and OO-F77 ( s/n 041 )  


Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Comet production at Avia Service - Krosno

Manufacturing of the FK-12 Comet recently moved to the Avia Service facility at Krosno Poland - two examples are in production as at November 2016, these are believed to be examples 113 and 114.

The aircraft will be sent to Bücker&Funk at Speyer, Germany for final completion before customer delivery. The following photos were supplied by B&F.


Sunday, 6 November 2016

Incident - Bretigny, Sours, France - FK-12 Comet

French FK-12 Comet 974-GJ c/s F-JMBS is believed to have been written off in an accident at Bretigny, Sours on 27.8.16  - the Comet is said to have hit a farm barn building.  I have no more details - more information welcomed.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Comet - New "Civilisation" colour scheme

I recently received some new photos from pilot Dejan P in Macedonia showing the new colour scheme on his FK-12 Comet.

The scheme has a civilisation theme - The port side shows the ancient Mayan people, the starboard side shows an ancient Egyptian theme. Both sides feature an astronomical comet flying across the sky an event that would have been viewed with wonder by these ancient civilisations. The airbrush painting was done by artist Kire Cvetkoski.

And here it is with the local Macedonian registration Z3-UA-005 applied

This Comet is c/n 055 and was previously D-MARS.

Many thanks to Dejan for sharing this Comet news.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Comet sun and fun in Carcassonne

Pilot Pascal sent me a weblink to a video of him flying his FK-12 Comet #083 over sunny southern France. Great scenery and lovely old towns - have a look via

Thanks Pascal, looks a lot of fun for you and your passengers.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

New Comet #112

I was recently sent a photo of a brand new FK-12 Comet S2 - I understand this new Comet flies in Belgium with the French registration "16-TL".

The colour scheme was designed by Mirco Pecorari of AircraftStudioDesign.

This Comet is factory serial number 112, the highest production S/N that I am aware of at the moment.


Monday, 19 October 2015

Comet accident in Belgium - OO-G12

Sad news - the Aeroclub de Hesbaye in Belgium has reported a fatal FK-12 Comet accident. The crash happened on Sunday 18th October 2015 near the airfield at Hannut-Avernas killing the pilot Daniel Matagne.  The Aeroclub issued this short statement "" Terrible news today: Daniel Matagne, one of our founding members passed away. The engine of his FK12 caught fire during approach and the emergency landing close to our runway failed. Our condoleances to his family. We all grieve for the loss of a kind member and friend.""

Condolences to the family and friends of the pilot.


Thursday, 10 September 2015

Yet another Comet comes to France

Comet #107 has arrived in France. Built new in 2013 this Comet originally went to Italy as I-B551, this was the first Comet to be fitted with the Rotax 912iS engine.

This Comet has now been re-registered with French Dept registration "08-OC".

I'd like to thank Francois for telling me about his purchase of Comet #107.


Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Eight Comets visit the UK

A mini armada of eight FK-12 Comets flew to the UK last weekend flying into the airfield at Fowlmere near Cambridge. The Pilots and passengers flew to the UK to attend the Flying Legends warbird airshow held at nearby Duxford. Among the eight was the "Monster Comet" D-MXZZ

The Comets that flew to Fowlmere, UK were,


FK-12 Comet S2 D-MXZZ at Fowlmere UK 11.7.15

The Monster Comet is powered by a UL Power 350is engine uprated to produce approx 140HP. The engine is fully aerobatic with fuel injection. This machine first flew in October 2014 and is based at Giessen, Lutzellinden ( EDFL ). A second Monster Comet is currently in production.

Some info on the UL Power 350is engine here

See Youtube video below of the Monster Comet in action


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Fatal Comet accident - 22nd May 2015

Sad news - FK-12 Comet D-MYHS crashed on 22nd May 2015 killing the pilot. The accident happened near the airport of Hauts-de-Chée in Condé-en-Barrois, Dept 55, France. The aircraft c/n 035 was built in 2000 and crashed into a farmers field.

The local L'Est Republicain news reported the following - Translation via Google Translate

""As part of the investigation following the crash of an ultralight aircraft that occurred Friday afternoon near the airport of Hauts-de-Chée in Condé-en-Barrois, gendarmerie appealed to witnesses . Anyone who can provide useful information to the investigation is asked to contact the brigade of Bar-le-Duc.

In all likelihood, the accident in which the 70-year Alsatian driver lost his life occurred Friday between 15 am and 16 pm.

It is a villager who about 17 ha made the sad discovery. Going for a ride in his field, as she saw a bunch of junk making proved to be the ULM. She promptly told the town hall. Firemen and gendarmes then went on site.""

Condolences to the family and friends of the pilot.


Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Another Comet comes to France

With thanks to Denis I can provide an update on Comet #027. This FK-12 was originally registered in Germany as D-MTLW. I've never seen a photo of D-MTLW so if you have one please do get in touch.

This Comet has now been bought by Denis and will be based at Biarritz ( LFBZ ) in the south of France with the French Dept registration 67-AAT with radio callsign F-JZPE.

Happy Flying

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Comet #069 - Moves North plus UPDATE

Late 2013 - Comet #069 was built in 2006 and spent it's time flying over the sunny skies of Murcia in Spain registered as D-MLGI and painted in an attractive orange/white/grey colour scheme.

This Comet has now been bought by Xavier and Chris and has flown north to Belgium taking up the French registration 59-DJK. At the moment it is based at Cerfontaine (EBCF) in Belgium but will soon move to an airfield near Lille in northern France.

UPDATE October 2014 - I'd like to thank Stefan for sending in a great photo of Comet 59-DJK taken last week at the airfield Lille - Marcq-en-Baroeul  ( LFQO ) in France, see photo below,


Monday, 14 July 2014

Comet #095 - Accident June 2014

Comet #095 was written off in June 2014 following a take off accident in France. The Comet appears to have crashed moments after taking off maybe due to engine problems. The Comet was destroyed by the resulting fire. The pilot ( Christian ) was rescued from the wreckage by the passenger.

Christian suffered burns to his face and legs and is now convalescing. His friends have put together a web page with more details about Christian and his recovery from this accident - see link below for more details

I wish him a speedy recovery and I hope he gets to fly again soon.

Thanks to Raphaël for this news.


Saturday, 10 May 2014

Lycoming Comet - N647RL

Readers of the FK-12 Comet Blog may recall that Renegade Light Sport USA having been working on installing the new aerobatic Lycoming AEIO-233 engine into Comet N647RL.

The following photos show the installation of the Lycoming engine - Renegade have also modified the tail wheel too.

The Lycoming powered Comet has now flown and Chris Bailey at Renegade says ""It's set up perfectly now and flies like a dream with 2000 fpm climbs and it only weighs 756 pounds""


 For more information please contact Renegade Light Sport via 


Monday, 7 April 2014

Brand New Comet - In France

Innov-Air the French dealers for FK Lightplanes have recently received a brand new FK-12 Comet at their home airfield at Muret, near Toulouse, France.

The red and white Comet is registered as "31-WM" and wears "108" as a side code.

With thanks to Innov-Air and Trevor and Kevin.


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Special Edition Comet returns to Germany

Comet D-MYGS was the second example of the FK-12 "Special Edition" to be built. The aircraft was delivered new to a customer in the Trento area of Italy back in 2010. The aircraft has now been sold to an owner in Germany with just 70 flight hours ( approx ) so far.

The Comet will make the flight over the Alps in the next few weeks and will be based at an airfield near Stuttgart, Germany.  

UPDATE 8.3.14 - Comet D-MYGS flew up and over the Alps on 2nd March 2014 from Italy to Germany - the photo below shows the Comet over the Splügen Pass ( approx 2115 m )  -  congratulations to Albrecht.

Link to Wikipedia for more info about the Splügen Pass


Sunday, 8 December 2013

Comet N452JH goes to Hawaii

Fancy living in Hawaii ?  Well FK-12 Comet N452JH ( c/n  #094 ) has left the shores of mainland USA for the exotic islands of Hawaii out in the Pacific.

Stunning scenery to be viewed from a beautiful biplane.


Sunday, 27 October 2013

Comet #055 - First in The Balkans

Another "new country" for the FK-12 Comet.

Comet D-MARS was built in 2002 and operated from the airfield at Wiener-Neustadt ( LOXN ) Austria. I'd like to thank Dejan P for the news that he has now bought this Comet and this is the first Comet to be based in Macedonia and the first in the wider Balkans region.

The Comet is now based at the airfield of Malo Konjari - the photo above shows D-MARS at Malo Konjari. In a few weeks time this Comet will have a local Macedonian "Z3-....." registration.

Congratulations to Dejan - enjoy flying your Comet over the skies of Macedonia.


Sunday, 15 September 2013

D-MDMC - Comet at Strausberg

FK-12 Comet D-MDMC was built in 2011 and was exhibited by FK Lightplanes on their trade exhibition stand at Aero 2011 held in Friedrichshafen as an unregistered complete aircraft.

I recently received an update about this Comet from Bernd D - he bought the aircraft in January 2013 and operates from the airfield at Strausberg ( EDAY ) which is approximately 35km to the East of Berlin. The Comet has now flown approx 70 flight hours.

The photo above shows Comet D-MDMC over Berlin - you can see the former Templehof airfield in the distance - Thanks to Bernd.

Link to the Strausberg ( EDAY ) airfield website


Friday, 30 August 2013

Comet - Accident in Belgium

Sad news - on Thursday 29th August Comet OO-F67 crashed during landing at the airfield at Hannut - Avernas. The pilot Arthur Moureau was killed.

In 2012 Arthur kindly sent me news about his Comet and also some photos of the new colour scheme he had just applied to OO-F67.

Condolences to his family and friends.

News link to Comet accident in Belgium on 29.8.13


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Comet over the Indian Ocean - Isles Reunion

Several Comets have operated with Papangue ULM over the island of Reunion out in the Indian Ocean. The most recent is FK-12 Comet "974-MR" construction number #099. This was delivered in early 2012 - the video link below shows this aircraft doing aerobatics over Reunion - take a look and imagine you are there !

FK-12 Comet 974-MR photo courtesy Pierre Choukroun

More info on the Papangue ULM website


Monday, 29 April 2013

New FK-12 Comet delivered to Italy

March 2013 - A brand new FK-12 Comet has just been delivered to Pietro in Italy.  This Comet S2 is the first to feature a fuel injected Rotax 912iS engine and is painted in an attractive orange/white/black colour scheme with the side code "21".  The aircraft will be based in the Venice region of Italy.

I understand that this aircraft will be exhibited at the Aero 2013 trade show at Friedrichshafen in April 2013.

Thanks to Pietro for this news, congratulations on your new Comet and enjoy your aviation.

UPDATE  - this new 912iS powered Comet was exhibited at Aero 2013 at the end of April now wearing its new Italian registration I-B551.  


Sunday, 24 February 2013

FK Lighplanes - Hansen Air Group - Renegade Light Sport

The following news update has recently been posted by the Hansen Air Group relating to the joint project to install the new Lycoming AEIO-233 engine into the FK-12 Comet over in the USA.

""We regret to inform you that FK Light Planes and Hansen Air Group have decided to terminate our business relationship with Renegade light Sport. They were contracted to design an engine mount and install Lycoming O-233 engines in the FK 12 Comet. The FK factory has determined that a factory designed engine mount and installation will better suit the needs of the customers. FK has several decades of aircraft design and manufacturing experience including more than tens years with the Comet alone. We believe that they will quickly produce a superior design. Standby for further updates.""

Readers of this FK-12 Comet Blog will recall that two new build FK-12 Comets ( c/n 102 and 103 ) arrived with Hansen in the USA in Jan 2012. 

Let's hope the new Lycoming engine gets airborne in an FK-12 Comet soon.


Sunday, 27 January 2013

Lycoming Comet - Tests

Renegade Light Sports have recently posted a video on youtube showing the Lycoming IO-233-LSA engine during ground trials in December 2012 - congratulations to all involved - hopefully "first flight" soon.


Sunday, 23 December 2012

Beautiful Comet Photo

Today I received a beautiful photo from Claudio in Italy - it's so good I wanted to share it with you all at Xmas.

Last chance checks before take off - the ploughed field behind emphasises an attractive rural airstrip in rolling countryside.  Claudio operates from a small airfield not too far from Milan. The photo shows Comet #53 registered as I-A363.

LINK to another great air-air photo of comet I-A363 here

Grazie Caludio.

Merry Christmas to all the FK-12 Comet fans arond the World.


Sunday, 9 December 2012

From Reunion to France - Comet #49

This week I received an interesting email from Sébastien in France - he has just taken delivery of Comet #49 and this is now part of his fleet at SkyOuest base at the airfield at Ploermal-Loyat a few miles to the west of Rennes.

FK-12 Comet #49 F-JMBS back in France 2012

This Comet was originally built in 2002 and delivered to Papangue ULM based on the Reunion Isles ( Dept 974 ) far away in the Indian ocean.  The Comet was painted in a yellow and blue colour scheme and registered locally as "974-GJ" operating scenic flights over the volcanoes and tropical beaches of Renuion.

 FK-12 Comet #49 974-GJ in sunny Reunion 

In 2012 the Comet returned to France and as been renovated and repainted by the French FK dealer Innov'Air  

To contact SkyOuest use the link below

SkyOuest Website 


Saturday, 15 September 2012

New FK-12 Comet registered in the USA

Two new Comets were imported into the USA earlier this year. The first of these c/n 102 has now been registered by Renegade Light Sport N647RL - Both aircraft are being fitted with the new Lycoming IO-233-LSA engine by Renegade at their Montana facility, this engine is designed for LSA aerobatic flight.

The photos above show the Lycoming engine installation on the FK-12 Comet  - once FAA paperwork is complete the aircraft will progress to flight trails.

More info on the web link below

Renegade Light Sports


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

FK-12 Comet - Flight review

Plane & Pilot magazine in the USA have posted an online flight review of the FK-12 Comet - take a look as they experience a Comet operated by Hansen Air Group over Florida, USA

read more on the link below


Sunday, 6 May 2012

A Comet arrives in Alsace

Today I had an email from Martin W a proud new Comet owner.  Martin recently bought a second hand FK-12 Comet. Before delivery the aircraft was overhauled and also repainted by FK Lightplanes at Speyer. Martin had his first solo flight in his new Comet on 4th May 2012 - congratulations!

This FK-12 will now be based at Vieux-Ferrette airfield ( LF6822 ) in the Haur-Rhin region of Alsace in eastern France ( near the Swiss border ). The Comet is now registered as F-JTOO.

External Link to Vieux-Ferrette airfield flight pattern

Enjoy your flying.